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At Design IT, we use our vast experience and state of the art equipment to provide the best self promotion for your company or special event, whether on a t-shirt, polo shirt, or any garment you choose. Design IT provides products that are the best quality and value available. Our in-house graphics, embroidery, and digital printing enable us to offer custom products without minimum orders or set-up requirements.

We only use advance technology in garment printing that provides an imprinted shirt with unmatched vibrancy and no “decal-like” feel typically produced by other printing methods.

Our embroidery process reproduces your logo or artwork. In order to embroider an image onto a garment, the image must first be digitized into an embroidery format that our computerized embroidery machines can read. Our experienced digitizing programmer recreates your logo or artwork to provide the highest quality product for your customized embroidery needs.

Design IT will make sure that your custom promotional products make the best, first impression by ensuring that your logo and personalization stand out.

We are a Business that offers you personalized service, and can assist you in your problem solving needs. Whether it is for your Business, School, Church, Fund Raiser, Club, Personal, or Promotional needs we can assist with your Embroidery and Garment Printing needs.

Business: If your business needs Polo's with the company name on them, or you need us to create your Company logo we can assist you.

School: Need your name or mascot on a sport blanket, tote bag for all the school stuff, we can help. Want some idea for Band Booster, Fund Raiser with the school logo of Class of 200? We can help there too.

Church: What about shirts for Vacation Bible School? or that Youth Missions Trip? Have you ever considered Polo's with the church name on them for Men's and Women's groups. There is so much more.

Clubs and Teams: Need shirts for you Boys, Girls Club, What about Kennel Club, Swim, Soccer, Baseball, Football, Gymnastic, and Karate Team even Fantasy Sports Teams. We can help and have ideas for you.

Promotional: Trying to promote a special event. Let us design the shirt for you. Whether it is for advertising or resell at the event, we can help. Just starting a new promotional at work, you see it all the time at a Fast Food restaurant and Grocery Stores they have added a new dish or item and they all have on pins or shirts telling you about it. We can help!

Personal: Need a personalized T-shirt for yourself or child, family reunion, or just an apron personalized for Grandma for Christmas. We can personally assist you.